dr jaglas

Dr Jaglas - Apothekerin
Dr Jaglas Artischocken Elixier
Dr Jaglas - Anstoßen in Gläsern
Dr Jaglas Artischocken Elixier in großer und kleiner Flasche


Every good meal needs a recipe. We use one that is centuries old.



For decades, the Jaglas have been producing traditional recipes in their family pharmacy and are constantly developing them further. The German Pharmacopoeia, old compendiums and traditional herbal science serve as a guide. Through the further development of selected recipes for the Dr. Jaglas - by pharmacist Dr. Christina Jagla - these herbal specialties can now also be found outside of the Bergisches Land in delicatessens, selected retailers, pharmacies and upscale restaurants - worldwide.

What's special?

  • (Further) development and (partial) production in the pharmacy to this day
  • High quality standards
  • Purity and content (essential oils)
  • Macerated herbs of the high-proof specialties are subject to German Pharmacopoeia quality
  • Selected bitter herbs such as centaury, gentian and cinnamon root, which are particularly enjoyed after rich meals
  • Many herbs from regional origins
  • Without additives/colors/flavorings. No sugar in the elixirs and gin
  • Powerfully balanced, lovely start and exceptionally long finish
“The tasting was a real pleasure. So good that I'm thinking about whether I would like to have something so sensual and delicious at home. And that as an absolute occasional drinker. I'm absolutely thrilled."