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Non-alcoholic vs. 0.0%

Non-alcoholic vs. 0.0%

The current trend speaks for itself. More and more people are avoiding alcohol and taking advantage of alcohol-free products. Many people probably don't know that there is a difference between alcohol-free and 0.0% . However, some people have probably noticed that there are different names for supposedly alcohol-free products. We often stumble across the expressions “alcohol-free” and “0.0%”, especially when it comes to beer and champagne bottles. But what are the differences and how can you be sure that you have not consumed alcohol?

Does “alcohol-free” mean the same as “0.0”?

No, alcohol-free does not mean the same as 0.0%.
The difference can be explained briefly and succinctly because the origin lies in our German food law. This means that the terms alcohol-free and 0% cannot be used interchangeably. By law, a drink labeled “non-alcoholic” may contain a certain percentage of alcohol.
By law, drinks labeled alcohol-free do not have to be 100% alcohol-free. A residual alcohol level of up to 0.5% is permitted and does not have to be officially labeled by the manufacturer. However, manufacturers are now accommodating their customers and pointing out the residual alcohol content in the drinks.
Manufacturers who mark 0.0% on their products, on the other hand, guarantee a drink without alcohol that can be consumed by anyone without hesitation.
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Is non-alcoholic beer suitable for pregnant women?

Drinking a non-alcoholic beer occasionally during pregnancy is not a bad thing at all. The residual alcohol in the beer is so low that pregnant women don't have to worry about drinking a single non-alcoholic beer . However, if you drink several bottles in a row, the alcohol content will be harmful to your baby as the alcohol content adds up.

Non-alcoholic beer vs. non-alcoholic long drink

The difference between non-alcoholic beer and a non-alcoholic long drink lies in the absolute quantity of the non-alcoholic drink. With a non-alcoholic beer, you usually drink an entire bottle or glass. The potential residual alcohol value of up to 0.5% is therefore contained in an amount of 0.3-0.5 liters. However, if you mix a non-alcoholic long drink, the residual alcohol content is often only limited to the 4 cl that is added to the mixed drink. The alcohol content in the non-alcoholic long drink is once again much lower in percentage terms than in a whole non-alcoholic beer.

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Alcohol-free Dr. Jaglas products to enjoy

High-quality preparation, phenomenal taste and processed with natural colors. This is exactly the concept of Dr. Jaglas non-alcoholic alternatives . In Dr. Jaglas Shop offers alcohol-containing and non-alcoholic products. If you avoid alcohol for various reasons, the alcohol-free aperitifs from Dr. Jaglas is an excellent alternative to alcohol-containing products. The alcohol-free bestsellers “ Herber Hibiscus ” and “ San Limello ” can be found in the current shop. The two types of product can be prepared in many different variations. Feel free to browse our recipes!

As a pregnant woman, can I see Dr. Drink Jaglas Herben Hibiscus and San Limello?

The answer is clearly yes! The alcohol-free aperitifs from Dr. Jaglas are safe and can be drunk by pregnant women in an appropriate amount. The reason for this is primarily the use of natural dyes instead of azo dyes.
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