Ginseng- und Macawurzel

Ginseng and maca root

Ginseng root and maca root: two real super foods!

The term super foods has been on everyone's lips for several years. It describes foods and especially natural products that are characterized by a particularly high proportion of minerals, trace elements, vitamins or secondary plant substances. Sometimes they also contain “good” fats or valuable antioxidants. Super foods are said to have positive effects on our well-being and health. Some have only recently gained attention, other super foods have been known as medicinal plants for centuries. We would like to introduce two particularly interesting representatives today: the ginseng root and the maca root .

Exciting facts about the ginseng root

Anyone who looks at a ginseng root up close will quickly notice that its shape is reminiscent of a human figure. But that is not the reason why it is a symbol of long life and health. After all, it has played an important role in traditional Asian healing teachings for centuries. The real secret of the ginseng root is the unique composition of its ingredients. For example, it contains ginsenosides, polysaccharides, phenolic acids and essential oils. All of these substances are responsible for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of ginseng root . It is particularly recommended in folk medicine for, among other things, fatigue, poor concentration, chronic inflammatory diseases and respiratory diseases. It can also strengthen the immune system, stimulate metabolism and make you more resistant to stress. It is often claimed that ginseng root can increase potency. However, there is currently a lack of scientific evidence for this. By the way, pure, untreated ginseng roots are very limited, which makes them a real rarity.

And what can maca root do?

The maca plant has been cultivated and used as a medicinal and food plant for 2,000 years. It thrives in the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. Here, where the climatic conditions are extreme, it has been able to develop very robust and resilient roots over time. Maca root, for example, contains calcium and zinc: both minerals help strengthen bones and teeth. The mustard oil glycosides also contained have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect . Antioxidants, on the other hand, protect against harmful free radicals and can therefore prevent cell damage. And then there is the high potassium content, which can regulate our blood pressure and has a big impact on our heart health. The effect of maca root is also very impressive, especially since the high protein content can help with both building muscle and losing weight. It's not without reason that many athletes add maca root powder to their shakes or smoothies! And since maca root, like ginseng root, is said to have a positive influence on potency and libido, it is sometimes called “Andean ginseng”.

With the power of ginseng root: Ginseng Elixir from Dr. Jaglas

Super foods can not only be eaten, but also drunk. The ginseng root and the maca root are the two “stars” of the popular ginseng and maca ginseng elixirs from Dr. Jaglas . Both elixirs have their own story. A golfing friend of the Jagla family, for example, was so enthusiastic about the artichoke elixir that he expressed the wish some time ago that another strong root could be added to the range. No sooner said than done: After a careful, loving and complex development phase, the Golfers Ginseng Elixir was created, which of course contains the ginseng root . The premium herbal bitters with an alcohol content of 35 percent are made without sugar, colors or preservatives and delight with a full-bodied bouquet and a long finish. A bittersweet delight with more than 30 bitter herbs, flowers... and of course the ginseng root .

The Dr. Jaglas Maca Ginseng Elixir: The Maca root is in it!

A few years later, the weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT” had the idea of ​​refining the ginseng elixir with maca root . Again, Dr. Jaglas experiments, researches and tests with heart, hand and mind, because a lot of sensitivity is required to produce a perfectly balanced herbal bitter. But the result was something to behold and tasted, and it didn't take long until the Maca Ginseng elixir was finally born. As the name suggests, it combines the ginseng root AND the maca root . With their sweet, nutty character, both roots go perfectly with the more than 30 monastery herbs contained in the artichoke elixir . And of course the Maca Ginseng Elixir is completely free of sugar, colors and preservatives!

Why you should definitely try the elixirs with ginseng root and maca root

Two herbal bitters, both indescribably delicious and with an unmistakable character. Ideal as a digestif or aperitif, neat or on ice. The Super Foods Ginseng Root and Maca Root give you an aura of something special and allow you to immerse yourself in completely new taste dimensions. Before or after a good meal, take a moment to allow one of the two elixirs to tickle your taste buds and make your tongue sing. Super foods , which have been valued for their properties for centuries, are still the crowning glory of a perfect treat today.

Dr. Christina Jagla

Ich heiße Christina Jagla, bin Apothekerin und gründete 2015 mein Unternehmen Dr. Jaglas in Berlin. Die Inspiration hinter der Markengründung war es, exklusive Kräuterspirituosen - sogenannte Elixiere - und alkoholfreie Alternativen, die in unserer Familienapotheke ihren Ursprung fanden, einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich zu machen. Die Entwicklung sowie Teile der Produktionen finden immer noch in unserer Familienapotheke statt. Diese besonderen Erzeugnisse bieten wir nun über eine Auswahl feiner Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, die Gastronomie, Apotheken sowie unseren eigenen Online-Shop auf an, wodurch sie mittlerweile ein weltweiter Stammkundschaft und Fangemeinde erreichen.

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