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Vegan drinks - the latest lifestyle trend

New trends are constantly emerging in our society. Some disappear after a short time, others develop into a permanent change of direction. There are currently several trends taking hold that we will all probably be hearing about for some time to come. And that's a good thing, because they revolve around our well-being and that of our fellow creatures, the animals. Today we will introduce some of them in more detail.

What are the current lifestyle trends?

Taking care of your own living conditions , developing an ecological awareness , taking responsibility for nature and animals: all of this has now become self-evident, even for young adults. This also includes a vegan lifestyle , which extends not only to diet and vegan drinks, but to all areas of our lives: for example, the selection of clothing and accessories. A vegan lifestyle helps solve environmental and climate problems, for example by causing fewer greenhouse gases. It is often ethically motivated because vegans do not want to be responsible for the killing, slaughter and exploitation of animals. Ultimately, it can also have a positive influence on your own health because it is intended to prevent various diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The gluten-free diet has also developed into a lifestyle trend. And then there is the conscious avoidance of alcohol and sugar , which has so many positive effects that we are devoting a separate paragraph to it below. No question: eating sugar and alcohol-free is also trendy!

Alcohol-free, sugar-free, vegan: Why do more and more people want to avoid alcohol and sugar?

High blood pressure is now a widespread disease that can significantly shorten life expectancy. Alcohol causes levels to skyrocket and has a bad effect on the cardiovascular system. The same applies to sugar. Anyone who eats a diet high in sugar also increases high blood pressure. Fortunately, word has now gotten around about both, and it means that many people are not only vegan, but also alcohol-free and sugar-free , or at least limit their consumption. This works with simple means by choosing drinks that declare sugar-free, alcohol-free and vegan. But sugar should also be eliminated from your daily menu if possible.
Or let’s take our skin as another example. Alcohol and sugar make cell renewal more difficult. As a result, the skin can no longer regenerate as well, it ages faster and appears pale. The sugar can also cause impurities and inflammation. If you want an even, vital, fresh complexion, you should ideally live an alcohol-free, sugar-free and vegan lifestyle.
Another exciting aspect is the ability to concentrate. If you live a largely sugar-free and alcohol-free lifestyle, your insulin levels will remain stable, which has a positive effect on your mental performance. It is true that foods containing a lot of sugar initially cause a "high" caused by the happiness hormone dopamine, but the subsequent "low" follows very quickly. So we can say that people who live predominantly sugar-free, alcohol-free and/or vegan lives feel healthier , more productive and better . This awareness has already become firmly anchored in more and more minds: especially among young people . After all, there are countless options today to either live a vegan life or to lead an enjoyable life despite avoiding alcohol and sugar.

Are the current lifestyle trends reflected in Dr. Jaglas again?

Yes! With Dr. At Jaglas, all varieties are not only gluten-free , but also vegan . We decided to do this with complete conviction, and not just because it is currently “in”. In addition, our products are characterized by other properties that are in line with modern lifestyle trends . This is how the popular Dr. Jaglas Gin, for example, is sugar-free . Ideal for everyone who, on the one hand, doesn't want pure enjoyment, but on the other hand wants to do without sugar! With its full-bodied bouquet, lovingly selected ingredients and perfectly balanced body, it meets even the highest demands and delights glass after glass. Dr. Jaglas Gin is also vegan , lactose -free and gluten-free . It does not contain any artificial additives and contains herbs of the best medicinal quality .
Would you prefer your drink to be non-alcoholic? This is also the case with Dr. Jaglas no problem! With Herber Hibiscus and San Limello , we offer you two alternatives that even pregnant women can enjoy without worry and that taste on the same level as their high-proof "siblings" Aperol and Limoncello . Great for mixing with tonic, for example, and for refreshing summer drinks!

A lifestyle trend that we haven't listed yet is the increasing popularity of long-forgotten bitter herbs . They not only pamper the palate and taste buds, but can also have a variety of positive effects on our well-being. You will find the wonderful bitter herbs in the Dr. Jaglas Elixirs Artichoke , Golfers Ginseng and Maca Ginseng . Of course, all three products are sugar-free or sugar-free. With their long finish, they are ideal as a digestif, regardless of whether they are enjoyed neat or with ice cubes.
Dr. Christina Jagla

Ich heiße Christina Jagla, bin Apothekerin und gründete 2015 mein Unternehmen Dr. Jaglas in Berlin. Die Inspiration hinter der Markengründung war es, exklusive Kräuterspirituosen - sogenannte Elixiere - und alkoholfreie Alternativen, die in unserer Familienapotheke ihren Ursprung fanden, einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich zu machen. Die Entwicklung sowie Teile der Produktionen finden immer noch in unserer Familienapotheke statt. Diese besonderen Erzeugnisse bieten wir nun über eine Auswahl feiner Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, die Gastronomie, Apotheken sowie unseren eigenen Online-Shop auf an, wodurch sie mittlerweile ein weltweiter Stammkundschaft und Fangemeinde erreichen.

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