dry january

Dry January

Dry January - without alcohol and with enjoyment into the New Year

It is a tradition to make plans for the coming year at the turn of the year. Abstaining from alcohol is an obvious resolution . New Year's resolutions allow us to reflect on our habits.

The Dry January health campaign has become increasingly popular in recent years. This challenge is about more than just giving up alcohol. It is a month of self-reflection and the start of a more conscious life.

What is Dry January?

Originally, “ Dry January ” was a health campaign by the organization Alcohol Change in Great Britain. In 2014, the initiative to abstain from alcohol for a month to mark the New Year starts. The challenge became a sure-fire success on social media; in many countries it is now popular to simply spend January dry.
A similar challenge is “ Sober October ”. This is primarily about health but also about preventing alcohol-related problems. The campaign aims to raise awareness of responsible alcohol consumption.

What happens if you give up alcohol?

Of course, it doesn't make sense to go without alcohol for a month and then consume more of it the rest of the year. But it's amazing that not drinking alcohol for four weeks is enough to have positive effects on our body and psyche.
Anyone who continues to reduce their alcohol consumption will benefit from the challenge in the long term.

Liver detoxification

The liver is not only our detoxification organ, it is also involved in most metabolic processes in the body. Accordingly, relieving the strain on this important organ has a positive effect on our overall well-being. Alcohol has a toxic effect on the liver; even small amounts can damage liver cells. By avoiding alcohol, the liver can regenerate.

Better sleep

One of the first noticeable effects of Dry January is an improvement in sleep quality. Although alcohol may help you fall asleep, it disrupts your sleep cycle. Without alcohol, sleep is deeper and more restful.

More energy

Many people experience a boost of energy over the course of an alcohol-free month . You feel more vital and active overall. The clarity of thought and the increased energy give everyday life a positive note that should not be underestimated.

Better skin appearance

Alcohol can dry out the skin and give it a dull complexion. An alcohol-free January can lead to a visible improvement in the complexion. The skin appears brighter and healthier, skin imperfections can improve.

weight loss

Alcohol not only provides plenty of calories, but it also blocks fat loss. If you go without it for a month, you may be able to enjoy a small amount of weight loss.

Improved concentration

The improvement in overall health is often accompanied by an improvement in our ability to concentrate and memory.

Last but not least: a good feeling

Anyone who hasn't drunk alcohol for a month will definitely feel good at the end. It is a positive experience to realize that you can have fun and enjoy life without consuming alcoholic beverages. Dry January strengthens our self-confidence and gives us the certainty that we don't need alcoholic drinks.
Alcohol-free January not only offers short-term benefits, but also paves the way to a sustainably healthier lifestyle and increased self-confidence.

What can you drink as a substitute for alcohol?

Dry January is a challenge , but it's actually not about doing without - on the contrary. With a positive attitude, we will quickly realize that we can only win from this experiment.
At this point you may be wondering what it will be like when you are invited to dinner or when friends want to toast a special event with you. The simplest solution is to share your plan with those around you.
Be open about giving up alcohol in January and talk about the health campaign. Of course, the easiest way to avoid alcohol is to convince your partner before the challenge.
Be confident: Most people will respond respectfully to your decision and may even be inspired to give it a try.

Alcohol-free alternatives from Dr. Jaglas

Of course, you won't have to miss out on enjoyment during dry January . There are many delicious alternatives to alcoholic drinks . Non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine are now available everywhere. Non-alcoholic spirits are a very interesting alternative that you might even stick with once January rolls around.
Excellent companions for Dry January are the alcohol-free aperitifs from Dr. Jaglas from Berlin.
The " Herbe Hibiskus ", for example, is the counterpart to the alcohol-free Aperol, while the " San Limello " offers the authentic taste of Limoncello without alcohol. The exquisite aperitifs and herbal elixirs in pharmacist quality have already convinced many gourmets.
Also discover the inspiring recipe collection for cocktails and long drinks . The high quality and the authentic taste experience will convince you.

Conclusion on Dry January

A dry January is more than just a New Year's resolution .
It is a journey of self-discovery, an opportunity to reflect on your relationship to alcohol and start the new year fresh. The health benefits are just a pleasant side effect. So, why not follow the trend and give Dry January a chance? It is worth it!

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