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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: Gift ideas and useful information

We celebrate Mother's Day every second Sunday in May. On this day we show our mother how much we love her and how grateful we are to her. We should do this all year round, but Mother's Day is a great opportunity to take some time for the woman who gave us life, in between all the stress of everyday life and our jam-packed schedules.

What is the best Mother’s Day gift?

A Mother's Day gift should come from the heart and be chosen with love. A bouquet of flowers bought at the last minute at the gas station, which already makes you feel a little sad, is therefore a completely unsuitable gift idea. If you have no idea at all and don't want to buy the obligatory box of chocolates from the supermarket like you have done in all the years before, you could simply give your mum a surprise for Mother's Day by giving them time together.

Examples of Mother's Day gifts that are usually very well received are a nice Sunday outing (perhaps followed by coffee), a meal in a fine restaurant or a day spent together devoted to your mother's hobby. You could cook or bake with your mum, work in the garden or do sports: depending on what she likes to do most in her free time and what she usually does alone.

Or how about a visit to a great wellness temple for two? Vouchers for various shops are often a last resort as a Mother's Day gift, but if you combine it with a joint shopping trip and take a whole day to browse to your heart's content in chic shops with your mother, the voucher becomes a real "gift from the heart".

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day from afar

Sometimes it is not easy to give a Mother's Day gift that involves doing activities together. Perhaps because the distance is so great and the mother lives in another city. Or because you are very busy at work and cannot take time off for Mother's Day.

In such cases, the best thing to do for Mother's Day is to get a stylish and personal gift that you can send to your mum by post if necessary. Classics include perfume, luxury cosmetics, a bouquet of flowers and a card with kind words. Isn't that original enough for you? Presents with a personal engraving are very trendy for Mother's Day and have not only material but also sentimental value. From fashionable jewellery to decorative serving boards for the kitchen, anything is possible these days.

Express your gratitude with engraved drinking glasses: for example for wine, beer, cocktails or spirits. There are now numerous providers on the Internet where you can easily choose an engraving for a glass online. For example, choose your mother's first name or initials and the year she was born. A short, loving dedication also looks great on a glass. Perhaps combined with an engraved heart?

Herbal liqueurs for Mother's Day - give something special

So that your mother can enjoy a good tipple from her new glass, surprise her with a suitable drink. At Dr. Jaglas, for example, you can get The finest herbal bitters with select bitter herbs. Not only do they taste fantastic, but the power of nature also has a positive effect on your well-being. This is a signal to your mother: It is important to me that you are well!
Many women and mothers also love fruity liqueurs such as the Dr. Jaglas Apple-Mallow Elixir , which delights the palate neat, as a long drink, "spritz" and even on sorbet or ice cream.

Your mother doesn't drink alcohol? Then order her a non-alcoholic aperitif from Dr. Jaglas as a Mother's Day gift ! The next time you meet and toast together, you can also express your gratitude for your mother's love and care. Because that's exactly what should always be the focus, not just on Mother's Day!

Back to ancient times - Why do we celebrate Mother's Day?

The origins can be traced back to ancient times, because even then people celebrated festivals in honor of the divine mothers. For the ancient Greeks, for example, it was the goddess Rhea, the mother of Zeus, and for the Romans it was the great mother of the gods Cybele.

Mother’s Day as we know it today

However, the official founder of Mother's Day is considered to be the American Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis, who held the first "Memorial Mothers Day Meeting" on May 12, 1907. It was the Sunday after the second anniversary of her beloved mother's death. At the same time a year later, she organized a service for all mothers - living and deceased - and distributed 500 white carnations to the women in front of the church.

Over the next few years, she fought tirelessly for her goal of creating an official Mother's Day . And indeed, it was introduced in the USA in 1914. Many other countries followed suit. For example, Switzerland in 1917, Germany in 1923 and Austria in 1924. Since then, Mother's Day has been a firm tradition in honor of all mothers. Although it is neither a legal nor a religious holiday, the second Sunday in May is still deeply anchored in people's minds.

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