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Koffein und Alkohol: Das perfekte Duo für köstliche Kreationen

Caffeine and alcohol: the perfect duo for delicious creations

Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol are among the most popular luxury items in the world. They have been an integral part of drinking culture for centuries and in countless countries. And not just individually: the combination of coffee and alcohol also results in delicious creations that provide very special moments of enjoyment and can even have positive effects.

The effect of caffeine and alcohol

Coffee and alcohol have one thing in common: the broad and complex spectrum of individual flavors. Each one gives us unique sensory experiences and lets us immerse ourselves in fantastic worlds of pleasure. However, the effects of caffeine and alcohol are very different.

What effect does coffee have on the body and mind?

Whether as an early morning pick-me-up or as a rescue from the famous afternoon slump, coffee has an uplifting effect that reduces tiredness and increases both alertness and concentration. It can even improve short-term memory. This is due to the caffeine it contains, a stimulant that is absorbed very quickly by our stomach and intestines. The effect is noticeable after just 20 minutes. When the caffeine is broken down in the body, the effect slowly wears off.

How does alcohol work?

Alcohol has a depressant effect on our nervous system. This means that moderate amounts have a relaxing effect and reduce inhibitions. Mood improves in the short term, fears are relieved, negative feelings diminish and insecurities are easier to overcome. Nevertheless, it is of course important to use alcohol responsibly and consumption should always be moderate.

Great recipes with the combination of caffeine and alcohol

The aromas of coffee and alcohol complement each other, creating a perfect symbiosis and merging with each other. In this way, the interaction creates a completely harmonious balance that is an absolute pleasure for most people and pampers the taste buds. It is not for nothing that drinks containing caffeine and alcohol are among the greatest culinary delights in the world. The following examples will make every gourmet's mouth water.

One of the most famous examples is undoubtedly Irish coffee, a coffee with a shot , the origins of which were purely practical. A shot of Irish whiskey is added to hot, slightly sweetened coffee. The whole thing is crowned with a topping of whipped, but still slightly runny cream and, if desired, a few chocolate shavings. Especially on cold and rainy days, Irish coffee warms the body from the inside, while the slightly sweet taste ensures real moments of happiness. It was invented in the 1940s in an Irish airport restaurant, where it was intended to "sweeten" the time for waiting passengers.

The Espresso Martini is a brilliant mix of coffee and alcohol and actually has a misleading name. It doesn't contain any Martini, it's just served in a Martini glass, and that's "only" for purely aesthetic reasons. The popular drink was an absolute cult drink in the 1990s and is currently experiencing a revival. Its ingredients are impressive. The Espresso Martini consists of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. Whole coffee beans are often used to decorate the top. The drink is served cold, but no ice should be added. Enjoy!

The Café Royale with caffeine and alcohol is not only a feast for the eyes in terms of taste, but also in terms of appearance. To make this French speciality, first pour some cognac into a coffee cup. Heat the spirit and then flambé it. Then dissolve a teaspoon of sugar that you have soaked in cognac over the flame and caramelize it. Add it to the cognac in the cup and pour hot coffee over it. This high-proof hot drink is not so well known, but it is super tasty. And above all, it proves very impressively how perfectly caffeine and alcohol harmonize with each other and how beneficial a coffee with a shot can be!

If you fancy a very special drink with caffeine and alcohol , try the Espresso corretto as a Dr. Jaglas Stimulizer . The mix of artichoke, ginseng and maca elixir as well as freshly prepared espresso invigorates the senses and gives you new energy. The combination of carefully selected herbs, high-quality alcohol and the strong aromas of the espresso ensure this. The Espresso corretto is a great pick-me-up that will inspire you and give you an extra portion of power and enthusiasm for planned activities.

Are there any recipe ideas for desserts with caffeine and alcohol?

The classic Tiramisu in the recipe version with elixirs from Dr. Jaglas shows that caffeine and alcohol not only form a strong duo for drinks with caffeine and alcohol, but also make some desserts a dreamy treat. Literally translated, the Italian term Tiramisu means "pull me up", and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. After a sumptuous meal, we all fall into a bit of a slump. The caffeine contained in the coffee gives us new energy, and the bitter substances contained in the Dr. Jaglas elixirs aid digestion. The small amount of sugar is also an ideal solution for the sugar slump after eating.