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Sober Bars

Sober Bars: The spirit of a new time

Whether in the party capital Berlin, in the south of the country or in the far north, sober bars are also very trendy here. The younger generation in particular is increasingly giving up alcoholic beverages voluntarily and consciously.

The word has gotten around that a good aperitif doesn't have to be high-proof. While it used to be considered cool to consume as much alcohol as possible at parties, today the focus is on the so-called health trend, i.e. physical and mental health.

Have fun and enjoy responsibly at the same time: That should probably be the credo of this attitude to life, which has now developed into a real (drinking) culture. It shows that non-alcoholic drinks and a trendy ambience are not mutually exclusive, but rather form a perfect symbiosis that fully corresponds to today's zeitgeist. Bars make a clear statement because they give people the opportunity to go out, party carefree, meet friends and, of course, stay sober.

Gone are the days when the typical “ Driver Cocktail ” consisted of bland water or monotonous lemonade. Non-alcoholic cocktails are now as sparkling, seductive and irresistibly delicious as their high-proof counterparts.

The bars with the best non-alcoholic drinks in Berlin

The trend towards an alcohol-free lifestyle has received a lot of attention across Germany. The first bars with great non-alcoholic drinks are also open for you in Berlin. You can find the 11 best shops where you can get really good non-alcoholic drinks in the blog article from Mit Genuss .

Here come our top 3 from Berlin!

Is your bar not listed? Get in touch with us and we will include your bar in the top selection of alcohol-free bars!

One of them is the Eigengrau in Berlin. The Eigengrau offers a perfect combination of brunch and bar. From 11 a.m. a diverse selection of brunch options awaits you and later the brunch location develops into a cozy bar. The Eigengrau is therefore ideal for a day together with friends and delicious food and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

You can find a rather unusual bar at Richardplatz in Berlin. Delicious drinks with beneficial effects are available from Mr. Lindemann . Due to the specific use of herbs, his drinks are said to have healing effects, which are presented in a textbook-like drinks menu. The creations are definitely worth a visit.

Last but not least, we introduce you to basalt . The unusual furnishings are reminiscent of a botanical garden and impress with its aesthetic style. In addition to classics , non-alcoholic cocktails are also integrated into the large drinks menu. It left nothing to be desired.

The bars with the best non-alcoholic drinks in Hamburg

In Hamburg you will find the perfect afterwork spot at Sands . In addition to an optimal, central location, the Sands also offers you exceptional drinks. Everyone gets their money's worth thanks to the delicious non-alcoholic drinks. The cozy bar atmosphere can not only be enjoyed indoors, but the Sands also offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun on its own terrace.

Italian flair and the best Aperol Spritz are available as standard . To enjoy an aperitivo you will receive a few Italian delicacies. Together with your drink, you can enjoy the warm Hamburg sun on the hotel's own terrace.

The med bar on Marktstrasse impresses with its timeless, stylish ambience. The bar combines down-to-earth furnishings with chic, stylish accessories. The relaxed atmosphere offers space for everyone, regardless of whether you have just come from work or from visiting the city.

The bars with the best non-alcoholic drinks in Munich

If you like something a little more exclusive, you should definitely pay a visit to the Ory Bar in the Mandarin Oriental. The hotel bar in Munich is a special place. Particularly high-quality furnishings and exciting drinks await you. Fine drinks and great service are not only an experience for hotel guests, but also a place for local Munich residents.

The contrast is provided by the Frau Bartels ” bar. The down-to-earth bar is popular with everyone who likes hip hop and the classic bar atmosphere with friends. There are the classics here. Simply everything you need for a relaxed evening in good company.

Everybody knows it. Actually, a bar with drinks for everyone is wanted, but a warm meal is rarely available. This is exactly the concept at Bar Uno . In addition to great cocktails, we offer crispy pinsa, creamy pasta, spicy sandwiches and fresh salads. This concept invites you to long evenings with friends!

Dr. Jaglas x Bars

What benefits do sober bars offer owners?

As the owner of a Sober Bar , you show that you take responsibility. You offer your guests an inclusive place where everyone is welcome and everyone can feel comfortable, regardless of age or personal background. This quickly creates a feeling of community and togetherness.

Nobody is excluded: pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as health-conscious foodies and drivers who want to get behind the wheel afterwards.

Events and activities can also be organized much more easily and simply. Sober bars have now become firmly established and are undoubtedly an enrichment for the cultural life of a city. As a meeting place especially for Millennials and Generation Z, they reflect the lifestyle of our time and stand for fun and enjoyment without regret.

Which alcohol-free alternatives does Dr. Jaglas?

The most popular drinks at parties and bars include Aperol and Limoncello .

You or your guests can also fully enjoy the fantastic taste of both cocktails in the non-alcoholic version.

Dr. With Herber Hibiskus and San Limello , Jaglas offers you two delicious alternatives that consist of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients and were made with a lot of heart, love and mind and according to the highest quality standards. The unique recipes convey pure joy of life, they tickle the palate, enchant the senses and are perfect for discerning connoisseurs. Great non-alcoholic cocktails can be made from both products.

There's Herber Hibiscus , the alcohol-free counterpart to Aperol: a fantastic base for irresistible long drinks. The potpourri of bitter orange, rosemary, vanilla, gentian and chiretta herb combines with the sweetness of hibiscus flowers to create a magnificent array of tastes. A homage to life, joy and lightness!

And there is the San Limello : Here sunny notes of lemon and grapefruit meet ginger, chili, fennel and cinnamon. A feeling like strolling through a Sicilian market on a summer day! The San Limello also impresses as a basis for great long drinks and takes you to Bella Italia in terms of taste.

Zero-proof drinks can be so fascinating!

Dr. Jaglas x corporate events

Why are non-alcoholic cocktails a perfect choice for corporate events?

As a caterer or event organizer, you want to offer your customers only the best. And the best thing for an afterwork event is a non-alcoholic cocktail bar . At least that is the belief of more and more companies, because the responsible planners are increasingly attaching importance to good drinks without alcohol content, even outside of working hours. This gives you the peace of mind that there will be no alcohol-related incidents that could damage the company's image.

The collaboration with Dr. Jaglas offers you the perfect opportunity to shine with your catering at company events.

The recipes for the very high quality products were traditionally made in Dr. Jaglas develops and offers all visitors wonderful taste moments. As non-alcoholic spirits, they represent a modern lifestyle and ensure a good mood with their tangy and lively aromas. As a caterer, you will stand out from the competition with your non-alcoholic cocktail bar and will be more than just a step ahead of your competitors.

Why should Dr. Jaglas should not be missing in any bar?

For many decades, theJagla family of pharmacists has been producing unique, high-quality products that clearly stand out from the masses.

Even the bottles are an absolute eye-catcher with their unusual and very elegant appearance. They immediately catch the eye in your bar and arouse the interest of guests. Thanks to the exquisite ingredients and the excellent taste experiences, the non-alcoholic cocktails become a hit in no time and word gets around.

In addition, the products from Dr. Jaglas has a clever and contemporary marketing strategy. Not only will you attract new customers, but you will also increase your bar's presence on social media and the public. Expanding your drinks menu to include non-alcoholic cocktails can increase your sales and contribute to even better customer loyalty.


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Ich heiße Christina Jagla, bin Apothekerin und gründete 2015 mein Unternehmen Dr. Jaglas in Berlin. Die Inspiration hinter der Markengründung war es, exklusive Kräuterspirituosen - sogenannte Elixiere - und alkoholfreie Alternativen, die in unserer Familienapotheke ihren Ursprung fanden, einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich zu machen. Die Entwicklung sowie Teile der Produktionen finden immer noch in unserer Familienapotheke statt. Diese besonderen Erzeugnisse bieten wir nun über eine Auswahl feiner Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, die Gastronomie, Apotheken sowie unseren eigenen Online-Shop auf an, wodurch sie mittlerweile ein weltweiter Stammkundschaft und Fangemeinde erreichen.

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