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Gift ideas for Father's Day

Father’s Day: The best gifts

In addition to the official holidays and birthdays, Father's Day is an occasion to look for gifts for your dear father. Some people get the handcart out of the basement, others have a cozy barbecue in the garden or meet up with their parents for coffee and cake. If you are looking for inspiration and are wondering what a man would be happy with, just read on.

What is the perfect Father’s Day gift?

A Father's Day gift should be fun and at the same time express loving appreciation. The classic pair of socks that men love to put under the Christmas tree should therefore be absolutely taboo. The same applies to purely practical things that are useful but impersonal. A nice Father's Day gift would be, for example, a trip with the whole family: to an amusement park, a lake or another beautiful place. Father's Day could then be topped off with a good meal in a restaurant or a cozy picnic. If Dad goes out with his friends on Father's Day, the trip can of course also be made up for on a later day off. Important: Fathers should not feel compelled to forgo the "men's trip" because of such a gift! Dad can and should decide for himself whether he would rather stay with the family or join his friends, because it is his day!

The best gift idea: something personal

A homemade certificate "for the best dad in the world" will touch even the strongest man's heart and make his eyes light up. Alternatively, a personalized Father's Day gift is also a good option. Perhaps a cuddly pillow with a loving print, a T-shirt with a funny saying or even an elegant lighter with an engraving. Key rings with a name or a message of your choice are just as popular as funny coffee mugs with a personalized print. Most men also enjoy fine spirits. But these should be special and unusual drinks that you can't find in the supermarket on the corner. Good gin is absolutely "in" with men and therefore a great gift idea for Father's Day.

At Dr. Jaglas, for example, you will find first-class Dry Ginseng Gin with a full-bodied bouquet and high-quality ingredients. In addition to ginseng root and juniper berries, it also contains many valuable and tasty herbs. It is also exceptional because it is free of added sugar and has been distilled several times. The exquisite recipe, which is based on the German Pharmacopoeia of 1872, is also presented in a beautiful apothecary bottle, which makes a great Father's Day gift . In an elaborately crafted and lovingly designed box, there are six "minis" each containing 50 milliliters : perfect for occasional enjoyment and a real feast for the eyes! Of course, Navy Gin is also available in a 500 milliliter bottle!

The origin of Father’s Day

Exactly 39 days after Easter Sunday we celebrate Ascension Day and Father's Day at the same time . Even in the Middle Ages people linked the two, because according to Christian belief, Jesus ascended to heaven to his divine father on this day. And even then people celebrated numerous customs and traditions on Ascension Day. These customs also included so-called processions, which were meant to commemorate the disciples' walk to the Mount of Olives. There is reason to believe that today's Father's Day outings can be traced back to this custom, but this theory is not certain.

Others claim that Father's Day originated in the USA. In the 18th century, young men were introduced to adult customs and traditions on a set day. There are also a few other supposed origin stories, and it is still not entirely clear which one is the right one and where Father's Day originated. What is certain, however, is that, just like Mother's Day, it is a wonderful opportunity to simply say thank you for all the love and care.

Today's Father's Day and its traditions

On Father's Day, men (and not just fathers!) traditionally meet up to do something together. The most well-known ritual is going for a walk with a handcart. The handcart has enough space for beer, other alcoholic drinks and some provisions, and people stop wherever they feel like it. Later, the group often goes to a pub where they can end the day in a boozy and merry way. Today's generation of men like to plan an alternative program instead of a handcart tour. This could be a barbecue, an action event such as paintball or go-karting, a bike tour or even a visit to a sporting event.

However, all activities generally have one thing in common: women and children are not welcome on this special day. Of course, not every man celebrates Father's Day, and for many men it is simply a day off to spend with the family. Either way, every dad is very happy to receive a Father's Day gift!

Cheers to all fathers!

Unfortunately, Father's Day is often not as appreciated as Mother's Day, but fathers deserve their own special day, where everything revolves around them. After all, they do a lot every day to make sure their family is doing well! So it should be a nice Father's Day gift that serves as a thank you: whether it's a trip together or a fine spirit such as from Dr. Jaglas, of course it's up to you to decide.

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