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The best tips for a successful barbecue evening

One of the highlights of the garden, terrace and balcony season is undoubtedly a carefree barbecue evening . What could be nicer than sizzling meat, fish or vegetables in a friendly atmosphere while enjoying good drinks? However, some planning is required to make the barbecue at home a successful experience.

What do you need for a perfect barbecue evening?

The biggest uncertainty factor is and remains the weather. Even if the weather forecast actually predicts sunshine and warm temperatures, a short shower or a small summer thunderstorm can never be ruled out. If the desired barbecue area is not covered, it may make sense to rent a pavilion or party tent from a local company. In the event of an emergency, at least the tables, chairs and decorations stay dry.
As far as culinary planning is concerned: 250 to 300 grams of meat per person are usually calculated. It doesn't always have to be classic sausages and steaks: How about, for example, hearty burger patties or pulled pork, a popular trend for the Dutch oven? They also offer various salads, grilled baguettes and several grilled sauces. The tempting offering is rounded off with snacks such as stick bread, stuffed mushrooms and potatoes with dip. Be sure to think of vegetarian or vegan alternatives ! Dessert creations such as grilled and baked fruit, apple crumble with ice cream and marshmallow skewers are ideal as a sweet finale.
When it comes to drinks, you should definitely have a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks . Also remember to chill the drinks in good time!

What can I bring with me to a barbecue evening?

When your friends invite you to a barbecue evening , you understandably don't want to show up empty-handed. Side dishes that are based on the motto or theme of the evening are always a good idea. Ice cream is particularly popular on hot days. However, make sure that the frozen refreshment does not melt during transport and can be stored properly on site immediately. If you don't have the time or desire to make side dishes yourself, or if bringing ice cream with you is too difficult, for example because of the distance, "witty" guest gifts are a good idea.

A high-proof herbal bitters in a handy 50 milliliter bottle is sure to delight your hosts. Practical: With Dr. Jaglas you can get the high-quality elixirs, which were elaborately and lovingly produced according to medieval monastery pharmacy recipes , even in a clever pack of six. To enjoy yourself or if there are several invitations to a barbecue evening: the barbecue season lasts for several months!

And very important: don't forget to be in a good mood! So nothing stands in the way of a happy and exuberant barbecue evening!

What are the best drinks for a nice barbecue evening with friends?

Summer drinks that are not too heavy, enjoyed cool and invigorate the spirit are absolutely essential. Make sure you have something to suit every taste. By the way, the appropriate selection is not difficult at all, because the range from Dr. Jaglas is varied and versatile .
Popular alcoholic barbecue evening drinks include the Artichoke Elixir , the Maca Ginseng Elixir and the Golfers Ginseng Elixir . All three variants not only impress with their exquisite ingredients, but also with their magnificent taste experiences. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, responsible drivers and everyone else who doesn't drink alcohol for a variety of reasons don't have to miss out on the very best enjoyment. Simply surprise your friends with the non-alcoholic alternatives to Aperol and Limoncello : Herber Hibiskus and San Limello have a striking similarity in taste to their high-proof "siblings", but do not contain any alcohol at all. Many even find that there is no difference in taste. No wonder: with Dr. For Jaglas, first-class ingredients and innovative recipes are our top priority.
With this in mind: We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable barbecue evening!
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Ich heiße Christina Jagla, bin Apothekerin und gründete 2015 mein Unternehmen Dr. Jaglas in Berlin. Die Inspiration hinter der Markengründung war es, exklusive Kräuterspirituosen - sogenannte Elixiere - und alkoholfreie Alternativen, die in unserer Familienapotheke ihren Ursprung fanden, einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich zu machen. Die Entwicklung sowie Teile der Produktionen finden immer noch in unserer Familienapotheke statt. Diese besonderen Erzeugnisse bieten wir nun über eine Auswahl feiner Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, die Gastronomie, Apotheken sowie unseren eigenen Online-Shop auf an, wodurch sie mittlerweile ein weltweiter Stammkundschaft und Fangemeinde erreichen.

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