Pharmacopoeial quality

Dr Jaglas Qualität aus Apothekerhand
Arzneibuchqualität von Dr Jaglas
Dr Jaglas Arzneibuchqualität
Arzneibuchqualität von Dr Jaglas - verschiedene Kräuterkombinationen
Arzneibuchqualität von Dr Jaglas - Kräuterverarbeitung


We put on each herb
the gold scales.



The herbs we macerate are of a very high and reproducible quality. Even rare and exclusive plants such as ginseng and saffron are tested according to the standardized test methods of the current German Pharmacopoeia or European Pharmacopoeia, including their purity and their characteristic content (e.g. content of essential oils).

Salary & Identity

The respective requirements in terms of purity and content are usually even higher than for many German foods. Only when a plant withstands the high quality criteria of the prescribed tests is it certified according to DAB and Ph.Eur. test-certified. We are strongly convinced that you can taste this quality.