"Our understanding of sustainability is more than an intention.
For us, acting sustainably is a matter of course and we are continually expanding it.”

Dr. Christina Jagla - pharmacist, founder & managing director of Dr. Jaglas

Dr Jaglas Philosophie

our philosophy


Character and tradition can only work if we take responsibility for future generations and live in harmony with nature.

Dr Jaglas Transparenz



Transparency is very important to us. In addition to the ingredients, we also provide the nutritional information on the bottle. Even with our high-proof herbal spirits, we voluntarily include all the herbs that are found in the bottle.

Dr Jaglas - Kommunikation



We try to answer unresolved questions, for example about quality or ingredients, personally within 24 hours. Please always send it to .

Dr Jaglas - Regionalität



Quality comes first. If this quality is also available regionally, then we source regionally and locally. Our artichoke leaves are grown in Schweinfurt, for example. Every subsequent production step takes place in Germany without exception.

Dr Jaglas - Kräuter und Gewürze



The quality of the raw materials is the focus of Dr. Jaglas. In the spirits, the majority of our macerated herbs are certified according to German Pharmacopoeia quality for their high purity and the content of valuable ingredients.

We don't put any artificial flavors or unnecessary ingredients in the bottle. We also know every supplier and can also provide information about the growing area.

With our sugar-free ginseng gin, we are one of the handful of gin producers who work with wheat alcohol which has also been distilled 7 times.

Dr Jaglas - Transport



Wherever we can, we deliver by bike or on foot. Otherwise, our shipping is usually plastic-free. We take the time to pack so carefully and strategically that we have dispensed with unnecessary filling material from day one. Less material results in less waste.

Dr Jaglas - Rohstoffe

raw materials


The majority of all raw materials used in the packaging (corks, bottles, labels...) are custom-made for us. In order to ensure short transport routes, almost all raw materials are manufactured in Germany - and a few in Europe. We are in personal contact with each individual raw material supplier.

Dr Jaglas - Versand



They always dealt with our shipping boxes very intensively and custom-made them for all standard shipments. Because the shipping cartons are specially produced for the individual bottle types, we can usually dispense with packaging material entirely.

Dr Jaglas - Vertrieb



Instead of driving cars to our dealers for sales and training, we have switched our sales primarily to telephone sales and digital training.

Dr Jaglas - Zero Waste

Zero waste


Our bottles are made of real amber glass, so the empty bottles can be used to store other liquids, such as oils. They are also wonderful as flower vases.

Our high-quality, foldable gift boxes were designed in such a way that they can then be used as storage boxes, for example for pens.

Our shipping boxes were designed to be so stable that they can be used several times after shipping.