Baby Shower Party

Baby shower party

The baby shower party: everything about the popular trend

When a baby arrives, it's not just an exciting and joyful event for the expectant parents . The family and friends are also happy and can hardly wait until the new citizen sees the light of day. In order to express the excited anticipation, the baby shower trend has also caught on with us. It originally comes from the USA and is becoming increasingly popular here. With the alcohol-free alternatives from Dr. Jaglas can also be enjoyed by pregnant women without worrying about having to miss out on a perfect taste experience! Today's article explains the baby shower party trend in more detail.

What is a Baby Shower Party?

The baby shower is a celebration held in honor of the expectant mother. This shows the pregnant woman how much family and friends are looking forward to the arrival of the little human child. Of course, the focus is entirely on the future mother. She is really pampered during the baby shower and doesn't have to worry about anything: not even the organization and shopping.

Of course, she also receives great gifts from her family and friends for this occasion. These can either be nice touches that will help her feel even better during pregnancy, or practical presents for the baby.

And so that she can enjoy delicious drinks and cocktails just like her guests that evening, Dr. Jaglas not only offers high-quality spirits with alcohol , but also non-alcoholic aperitifs , which are in no way inferior in taste to their high-proof counterparts.

The party usually takes place in the last trimester of pregnancy. It doesn't matter whether it's right at the beginning of the third trimester or a few weeks before the expected due date. And even if women are mostly among themselves at the party, men are not explicitly excluded. If you like, you are welcome to invite the father-to-be, future uncle or godparent or your favorite work colleague.

Who organizes a baby shower party?

In the USA, the baby shower is traditionally organized by the expectant mother's best friends. You plan, do the errands, set the appointment and write the invitations. They also take care of the organization of the celebration, because the baby shower includes more than “just” a culinary pampering program. However, this approach is of course not set in stone. Family members often plan the party too. These can be the pregnant woman's siblings or sisters-in-law. It's not all that unusual for the expectant mother to be involved in the organization herself or even take over it completely. Maybe the pregnant woman's work colleagues would also like to give the pregnant woman an unforgettable baby shower ? The only important thing is that you agree on things in good time so that there are no overlaps. By the way: The invitations should ideally be sent out several weeks before the celebration. This means everyone has the opportunity to keep their appointment free.

What do you do at a baby shower party?

A baby shower takes place either in the afternoon or evening. The organizers often put together a small buffet that is lovingly decorated. Popular examples of appetizers and snacks include muffins, cake pops, cakes (for example with colorful chocolate lentils), Jell-O and mini meatballs. However, remember to avoid raw meat such as tartare and minced meat, as well as raw milk products, sushi, undercooked eggs and other foods that are unsuitable for pregnant women. In between, games provide fun and variety.

A few suggestions:
- Estimate the waist circumference of the expectant mother
- "Urban-Country-River" exclusively with baby categories (first names, toys, baby equipment, types of porridge, children's songs, etc.)
- Paint the pregnant woman's belly artistically
- "Who am I?" with old baby photos of the party guests
- Test porridge varieties via blind tasting
- Embellish white bibs or bodysuits with textile painting pens
- Determine the “wrapping world champion” on a doll

What drinks should be offered at a baby shower party?

A good mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is common. Of course, hard liquor can also be avoided completely: after all, many guests will probably come with their own car. Luckily, there are now non-alcoholic alternatives to almost all popular drinks. Sparkling wine or Prosecco can be served at the reception or for a toast. As the celebration continues, liqueurs are well received. Here it can also be one or two special varieties, because after all, a baby shower doesn't take place every day.

The composition of apple and mallow from Dr. Jaglas is good. Or how about a fine gin? Meanwhile, the expectant mother enjoys a delicious San Limello : For example, the non-alcoholic alternative to Italian Limoncello can be used together with tonic and lime to create a fruity “ Limello Spritz ”. An ode to life (in the future) is also the alcohol-free Herbe Hibiscus , which impresses with subtle notes of bitter orange, elderberry, vanilla and rosemary. It can also be transformed into a seductive “ Hibiscus Spritz ” with tonic and lime. Extra tip: Both drinks are also perfect as a souvenir or gift idea for the expectant mother!

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