Mocktails: what are they actually?

It is not new that our language is constantly undergoing certain changes. Previously unknown neologisms prevail and remain, while other well-known ones are forgotten. A term that is still relatively new and that young people in particular use quite naturally is mocktail . We should definitely remember this word because it represents more than just a passing trend.

What is the difference between cocktail and mocktail?

Mocktail rhymes with cocktail . And in fact both terms are closely related: a mocktail is a non-alcoholic cocktail ! How did this unusual word creation actually come about? It's simple: The English verb "to mock" means "to pretend" or "to imitate". A mocktail imitates a classic, alcoholic cocktail, but does not contain any alcohol. The high-proof spirits are simply left out and replaced with high-quality, flavorful alternatives. A concept that is really well received by all age groups, because a healthy and responsible lifestyle is now very important in society.

After all, exuberant celebrations also work without alcohol , especially since a good mood and a happy mood do not depend on the so-called “revolutions”. In addition, a non-alcoholic cocktail does not exclude anyone: expectant and breastfeeding mothers, drivers, and even those people who avoid alcohol for personal reasons. Anyone can enjoy a mocktail without a guilty conscience, without regrets and without fear of possible consequences. It gives parties and social gatherings a completely carefree touch. Maybe that's exactly what's driving more and more people to order a mocktail rather than a cocktail . Maybe it's also the pure, unadulterated taste of the best flavors and recipes developed with love. One thing is certain: a non-alcoholic cocktail is worth more than just one try.

What makes a good mocktail?

Whether it's an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail , a drink is only as good as its ingredients and the exact mixing ratio. Anyone who wants to make a mocktail needs just as much tact and expertise as, for example, a professional bartender. The Jagla family of pharmacists has both characteristics. In her traditional pharmacy, she has been producing exquisite recipes for decades, which have of course been continually developed and refined over time. The herbal science that has been passed down for generations, the German Pharmacopoeia and old textbooks serve as orientation and basis. These proven instruments and a keen sense of the wishes and needs of today's society ensure that a non-alcoholic cocktail from Dr. Jaglas doesn't miss anything. It is just as sparkling, sparkling and spirited as a classic cocktail with alcohol and brings fun to the glass. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to give up alcoholic drinks completely and forever in the future. For example, you can offer a combination of cocktails and mocktails at your next party so that each guest can decide individually which drink they want. Or you can create a small supply of both for your own personal enjoyment and then spontaneously choose what you feel like. But many people stick with the mocktail long-term and with enthusiasm, because once you try it, it simply makes you want “more”!

The best mocktail recipes: This is how delicious a non-alcoholic cocktail is

A mocktail can be as irresistibly fruity and invigorating as the famous Italian limoncello or as seductive and bitter-sweet as the legendary Aperol. Just choose your favorite according to your mood! One of the most popular mocktail recipes is undoubtedly the San Limello, a non-alcoholic cocktail from Dr. Jaglas , which is reminiscent of the sunny south, Mediterranean joie de vivre and a never-ending summer. And best of all, it's prepared in no time and tastes simply heavenly! Simply fill a wine glass with around 40 milliliters of San Limello with 160 milliliters of non-alcoholic Prosecco or tonic water. Add a few ice cubes if you like and a little fresh mint as a garnish: you'll feel like you're in a quaint little bar right by the sea! A non-alcoholic cocktail like the San Limello goes particularly well with burrata, the delicious gourmet version of mozzarella, but can also be enjoyed with seafood and antipasti. Typically Italian!

Mocktail recipes like the tart hibiscus, on the other hand, harmonize particularly well with nuts, chocolate and mild goat cheese. Here, too, the preparation is wonderfully uncomplicated: Take another wine glass and add around 40 milliliters of Herber Hibiskus from Dr. Jaglas and add about 160 milliliters of tonic water. Alternatively, non-alcoholic sparkling wine is also very suitable. Half a lime gives the drink a pleasantly refreshing note. Now all you need are ice cubes and a bouquet of rosemary and/or a few fresh berries as a garnish. You will definitely love the fascinating hibiscus taste with the subtle orange note!
Mocktails are perfect for festivities, exuberant (summer) parties, barbecues and of course also for romantic hours for two. They are also extremely welcome at company events, as most companies view alcoholic drinks at company events critically. A non-alcoholic cocktail is then the perfect solution!

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