Made with heart, hand and mind

Dr Jaglas Manufaktur

Own development


For (further) development, we orientate ourselves on traditional recipes, compendiums and editions of the German Pharmacopoeia.

Dr Jaglas Manufaktur - Kräuterverarbeitung

Exceptional finish


The exceptionally high aroma content is retained because the herbs are only freshly crushed immediately before cold maceration. This prevents volatilization of essential oils.

Dr Jaglas Manufaktur - Elixierflaschen

Individual degree of shredding


Each plant is considered according to its characteristic properties - such as the degree of bitter substances - and then crushed to different degrees. The more the plant is crushed, the more aromas and bitter substances are released.

Dr Jaglas Manufaktur - Abfüllen von Elixieren

Gentle calc maceration


The three elixirs (Amaros) require more than 10 herbal macerations and crafting steps to get to the balanced core.

Dr Jaglas Manufaktur

Multi small approaches


The herbal bitters are prepared in many small vessels in order to develop a maximum bouquet of aromas.

Dr Jaglas Manufaktur - Zubereitung der Elixiere

Gentle maturation


We let our herbs mature in alcohol for up to three months so that the natural aromas are harmoniously intertwined and a balanced taste is created.

Dr Jaglas Manufaktur - Arzneibuchqualität

Amber glass sunscreen


We use real amber glass for our apothecary bottles. The light protection helps to reduce flavor volatilization or precipitation.