GINseng Ale

A refreshing "Ginseng Ale" is the ideal choice to revive your palate and enjoy the invigorating combination of Ginseng Gin and Ginger Ale.

Ingredients for GINseng Ale

  • 4cl Ginseng Gin
  • top up with ginger ale
Prepation Time: 2
Lebel: simply

Preparation of the GINseng Ale

  • Step 1 - Pour 4cl Ginseng Gin into a glass with ice.
  • step 2 - Fill the glass with ginger ale until it bubbles.

GINseng Ale with refreshing spiciness

Enjoy every sip of this "Ginseng Ale"that will invigorate your senses with the refreshing spiciness of ginger ale and the delicate note of ginseng gin. The perfect balance between spice and elegance makes this drink an uplifting choice for any occasion. Raise your glass and toast to the pure pleasure that will tantalize your taste buds and give you new energy!