Hot limoncello in non-alcoholic form

This soothing drink combines San Limello with white wine and honey for an incomparable enjoyment.

Ingredients for Hot limoncello in non-alcoholic form

  • 1cl San Limello
  • 10cl white wine
  • 10g honey
Prepation Time: 2
Lebel: simply

Preparation of the Hot limoncello in non-alcoholic form

  • Step 1 - Pour 1cl of San Limello into a heat-resistant glass.
  • step 2 - Heat 10cl of white wine in a saucepan until it almost starts to boil.
  • step 3 - Pour the heated white wine into the glass above San Limello.
  • Step 4 - Add 10g of honey and stir thoroughly until the honey has completely dissolved.

Hot Limello

Enjoy every sip of this warming Hot Limello that warms your body from the inside on cold days. The combination of San Limello, white wine and honey gives this drink a pleasant sweetness and a hint of citrus freshness. Toast to the Hot Limello and enjoy the cozy warmth!