The slightly different Moscow Mule

A vegetal mule is a refreshing change to revive your taste buds and enjoy the day with an interesting twist. This drink combines the artichokes-,ginseng- orMaca Elixir with fresh lime juice and invigorating ginger lemonade.

Ingredients for The slightly different Moscow Mule

  • 2cl artichoke/ginseng/maca elixir
  • 1/2 lime, squeezed
  • Ginger lemonade
  • Cucumber espuma
Prepation Time: 2
Lebel: simply

Preparation of the The slightly different Moscow Mule

  • Step 1 - Pour 2cl of artichoke, ginseng or maca elixir into a glass with ice.
  • step 2 - Squeeze the juice of half a lime and add it.
  • step 3 - Top up with ginger lemonade and stir gently.
  • Step 4 - Top off the drink with a touch of cucumber espuma.

Vegetarian Mule

Prepare to be amazed by the multi-layered flavors of this vegetal mule as it takes your palate on an exciting and refreshing journey. Raise your glass and toast to creativity in the world of cocktails. Cheers!