Hot Aperol as Hot Hibiscus

This delicious hot drink combines Herbal Hibiscus(non-alcoholic) with white wine, apple juice and the juice of half an orange for a unique taste experience.

Ingredients for Hot Aperol as Hot Hibiscus

  • 5cl Herb Hibiscus (non-alcoholic)
  • 12cl white wine
  • 10cl apple juice
  • 1/2 orange
Prepation Time: 2
Lebel: simply

Preparation of the Hot Aperol as Hot Hibiscus

  • Step 1 - Heat the white wine and apple juice in a saucepan over medium heat, making sure the liquid does not boil.
  • step 2 - Add the juice of half an orange and stir well.
  • step 3 - Pour 5cl of Herben Hibiscus (non-alcoholic) into a heat-resistant glass.
  • Step 4 - Pour the warm fruit wine mixture over the tart hibiscus.
  • Step 5 - Stir gently to combine all ingredients.

Hot Hibiscus

Enjoy every sip of this Hot Hibiscus that warms your soul on cold days and pampers your palate. The combination of Herbal Hibiscus, white wine and fruity apple juice makes this drink a real treat for cosy evenings. Raise your glass and toast the warmth of the Hot Hibiscus at!